My favorite aesthetic is creepy cute, which in my eyes is a perfect combination of what’s spooky but also sweet. I also like lineart, cartoons and dark mood illustrations. I keep learning new styles and developing my skills so I’m open to trying new things. I feel confident about lights and shadows and I really love textures and grittiness. All of that combined creates my own unique style that’s still growing and advancing. Check my illustration portfolio below

I love drawing and creating new characters. I’m always trying to make them complex and carry a story. In my head there’s always a story that goes with my characters. All my illustrations are hand drawn by me, I don’t use graphic assets from other artists or AI.

If you like my style and something caught your eye or heart feel free to contact me! You can also chceck my ETSY store or check my Commisions info. Thank you for checking my illustration portfolio!

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