How to dowload the files

Downloading the files is easy and not problematic. It's basically 3 easy steps, but I wrote a detailed instruction how to download the goodies from either Etsy or Google Drive. If you have any problems with it feel free to message me!

How to get the FREEBIES

If you want the freebies I prepared as a thank you to my supporters click on FREEBIES in the main menu or go to this link and sign in to my Newsletter. You will get an email with access link and password to all my free goodies.

If you already have the password go to BlackMuffin Free Resources page, type in the password and enjoy all the freebies there!

You can also get some codes for free without signing into my Newsletter just on the sign up page! But I invite you to stay in touch with me, I only send 1 email for month (unless there's super time sensitive sale or promotion - but it happens pretty rarely), so im not gonna flood you with messages. I value our time!

What license do I need?

There's 3 types of licenses you can get from me:

  1. Personal Use License
  2. Commercial Use License
  3. Extended Commercial Use License

Depending on what you want to do with the files you bought you will need different type of license.

I explained it in details in the article about The types of Licenses.

Is your art original?

Yes, my art is original. Everything is hand drawn by me and comes straight from my head.

Of course I look at lots of other artworks, from classic to modern, I support lots of smaller artists too. I surely get inspired by other art but I never copy anyone. Luckily I'm never out of ideas of what to draw 😉


What license do I get when I buy from BlackMuffin on Etsy?

All my items on Etsy come with Personal Use license unless it states differently in the description.

Items directed for businesses will be listed with Comercial Use license, but I will mark it in visible places.

If you need Commercial Use license or Extended Commercial Use license please message me! I can list that specifically for you. If you're not sure about what type of license you need please take a look at the article I wrote about it.

Do you do custom work or commissions?

The short answer is YES.

Please contact me directly through Contact form or by email.

You can also read more about custom possibilities on this dedicated page.

Will you draw a popular character for me?

No, I will not.

I don't draw copyrighted anything, either it's Disney Mickey Mouse, Marvel superheroes, or smaller and less known characters. Everything I draw is my own ideas and it will stay this way.



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